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Week of October 22, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We took a trip to the Arlington Rec Park where the owls launched their boats and the eagles looked for macro-invertebrates. Yay River Science!

“Leigh’s care got stuck in the mud in the parking lot of Merck Forest because it was muddy and she drove in the mud and then it went into the ditch. We pushed and Grandpop pulled it out with the chains. And she backed it up . And she went down into parking lot. Then she turned around. Then she went back home. And she got out of the car. Noah went to the house. Noah and Leigh got back in the car. Now it’s a clean car.”-Ryder

“Leigh’s car got stuck in the mud at Merck Forest. It slid into the mud. We had to push the car out. Then Grandpop came and used chains and he pulled it out.”-Colby

“Me and my sister Rebecca made Irish soda bread and we brought it to school. We shared it with the owls and everyone enjoyed it. There was also butter on the side. It was really good and I hope we get to do it again.”-Gabriel

“The owls made pan de muerto on Tuesday in the classroom because day of the dead is coming.”-Abby

“The owls made boats yesterday at school because we wanted to see something float.”-Caleb

“I went to the library. One thing I did was read. I read a book about a mouse. I wrote a play. It was a dog one. In conclusion I loved it because it was fun.”-Rebecca

“Maeve came to school today. She comes to school every Thursday.”-Emma

“This week Sarah told us that we might be raising trout. But we have to be good role models. And we have to show that we care. The tricky part is we need a fund. The total amount will be $1000! But lucky for us, Jesse wrote a grant. Sarah didn’t get it until 3 am so who knows if he slept at all. Anyway, thank you Jesse!!!!! Hopefully we will get the fund!!! Hope, hope, hope.”-Zooey

“I went to the library. One thing I did was read. I read a book about a mouse. I wrote a play. It was a dog one. In conclusion I loved it because it was fun.”-Rebecca

“The owls and eagles played a game with the parachute at morning meeting in the community room because it was fun.”-Charlie

“Today we did the parachute game with Alley. It is called cat and mouse. I think it is fun especially if you are the cat and mouse. If you are a cat you chase the mouse and if you are the mouse you run away. It all happens under the parachute.”-Cole

“On Wednesday we had a soccer game against Maple Street. The first game we played was against Maple Street and we lost 4-2. This game was the last and we won 5-3! It was a tight game, which made it an even bigger accomplishment. At the end of the first quarter it was 2-0 us. No one scored in the second quarter. In the third quarter they were up 3-2. But in the fourth quarter we went savage and ended it 5-3! We really grew as a team this season.”-Eden

“On Wednesday we had a soccer game. After the soccer game the school got pizza. We got pizza at Sam’s wood fired pizza. My grandfather paid. All in all it was fun because all my friends were there.”-Cian (Thanks Mike!)

“The soccer team celebrated the last soccer game. We went to Sam’s for pizza. I got a certificate.”-JJ

“We had pizza after our game against Maple Street. 5-3 us. The pizza was delicious. Great game by the way. We had Sam’s pizza and if ever have been to Sam’s you would know it’s small. So when you put 25 people, half kids, well that equals noise, lots of noise. So much noise, my papa, AKA step dad, got a headache. Then there was the big buck “pro” game. It made a flashing while you shot the gun. I swear someone could have a stroke.”-Noah

“This week we had carpentry with Grandpop again. We pretty much did the same thing as last week but Grandpop showed us what we will be doing in the near future. He said we’ll be doing a candle holder or something. But yeah except for that we did the same thing. This time I carved out a unicorn. We also won’t have carpentry next week because of the Halloween party, so hopefully we can get to the candle holder soon.”-Kelley

“Mischa is taking Squeak home on Thursday for the weekend because she loves Squeak.”-Mischa


Red Fox Community School

Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Abby, Matilda, Emma, JJ, Charlie, Caleb, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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