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Week of October 23rd, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

On Friday we went Alley’s house. The school went to Alley’s house.  We farmed there.  We had fun.  We went there to do farming.  We walked goats, milked goats, observed goats and cleaned things for goats.  We also planted garlic and cleaned out Alley’s little garden.  We took the goats for a walk in the woods.  Some people decided to walk along the creek and some people walked along the trail.  Either way it was a grand adventure.  Thanks everyone for coming.

We made menus in Espanol on Monday.  We made menus for the Restaranted we are having in a few weeks.  We made menus by writing the food down in Espanol for the restarante.  On Emma’s menu she has papas fritas and hamburguesas.  We want to the Restarante because we think it is going to be fun.

The penny drive needs change for blocks.  (We are having a penny drive to raise some money to buy blocks.  Please bring in any change you have.  The children are hard at work counting and sorting it).

On Tuesday Caleb and Colby brought in two electric sanders. We used them to sand wooden race cars that we made in carpentry.  The sanders vibrated.  There was a line to use them.  The line was short.  All in all it took a while to sand.

This week we did a project called “the mood meter”.  The mood meter shows choices of high energy or low energy as well as high pleasantness or low pleasantness.  It shows how you feel.  Sami is the one who presented and brought the mood meter.  We started doing the mood meter on Tuesday.  The mood meter helps show us how we feel.

The projector was on in music.

Jay and Noah were in the couch room and they decided to make a book with everybody including the teachers and Meave and Elliott. So they started the next day.  The next day came along and they started it youngest to oldest.  First they did Gabriel and was a “cat boy”.  Next they did Finn and he was hanging out with his favorite Pokemon and next was Jade she met a dog and signed up for a world-wide dog show and they stopped at Caleb.  For tomorrow’s work they will do Caleb’s.

Nacho got his cast cut off on Wednesday.  The doctor used a tickle saw. He got it taken off because it wasn’t broken anymore.

Zooey went to the dentist on Thursday because she needed to pull her teeth.  She wasn’t here on Thursday.

Maeve is very funny.  Maeve comes to school and licks Nacho.  She makes everyone happy.  She is cute.


The Red Fox Community School”

(Addis, Zooey, Rebecca, Phinneas, Gabriel, Jade, Caleb, Colby, Emma, Eden, Nacho and Jay)

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