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Week of October 26th, 2020

Dear Everyone,

“This week we had the class rabbit, Lumi in our classroom. She is a literal fluff ball! We were taking turns holding her and some of us did finger knitting. Abby was having her turn when Lumi peed on Abby’s pants! Lumi raced across the room and hopped onto the sofa. I picked her up and then dropped her, she had peed on me too! All in all, I hate Lumi pee. It smells disgusting.”-Nina

Lumi pooped in our classroom.

“In the week that I was not here, Lumi peed on two of my classmates, Nina and Abby. I’m guessing it did not smell good. Soooo, my classmates put her back in her cage. Nina changed into new pants but Abby stayed with her Lumi-pee pants on not moving at all. I wasn’t there to experience it. I imagine Nina would have been laughing but Abby would (I’ guessing!) have been mortified. All in all I guess that everyone is mentally praying that Lumi won’t pee outside her litter box.”-Max

“We had a fire drill. We lined up at the pizza oven.”-Isla

“This quiet time I made a roller coaster for marbles and a domino race. I made the roller coaster out of blocks. The domino race was straight and kind of curvy. The roller coaster didn’t really work. It was pretty fun building them!”-Leo

“This week we finger-knitted a lot. We did it for quiet time and just for a fidget too. We hung them up. The colors looked really ugly together but the colors alone looked good. Rebecca is making a rug. She made a really long one. I made a green one and a pink one. I also made a pom-pom. And finger knitting was fun.”Evelyn

“We let the butterflies go.”-Winter

“I let the butterflies go so they could fly to Mexico. And we made a fire.”-Cassia

“On Tuesday we had music with Maxine, our music teacher. She asked us if we know how to say do ray me fa so la te do backwards. And me and Rebecca knew how to say it backwards. It was hard and fun at the same time. And we did it with our eyes closed. It was fun because I like games.”-Charlie

“At Roxaboxen today we dug a huge crystal and we got it out and it was sooo cool. And we moved it out of the water.”-Mack

“On Wednesday I was smashing crystal quartz. And then I brought them home. Then on Thursday we found a huge rock in the river and Leo smashed it with a shovel and it sparked.”-Hugo

“We lifted the rock.”

“We found diamonds and it was fun. Me and Mack and Leo dug it. They were in the river.”-Beckett

“The Guessing Game. We played the guessing game. You first come up with book characters. If you have 10 people you need 10 characters. 1 person makes cards and sticks them to everyone’s back. You want to be the first to guess your character. Last of all, I love this game.”-Jordis

“We made a fire at Roxaboxen.”-Barnaby