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Week of October 2nd, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

Thank you to all the grandparents who came on Friday.  We had a fantastic time getting to know all of the grandparents, writing stories together, solving math problems and having the chance to show off our special community. We did grandparents day at our school so that they (the grandparents) can see our school and what we do.  We recited a poem called “September the Harvest Moon”.  We sang songs.  We sang “Welcome Song” (written by Andrew). Rebecca would like you to know the words.  Here they are…

“Hey Hi Yo Sup

This is the rhythm of my welcome song

Hey Hi Yo Sup

This is the rhythm of my welcome song

Hello Hola Que Tal What’s Up

Hey Hi Yo Sup

Hello Hola Que Tal What’s Up

How are you? Que Pasa?

How are you? Que Pasa?

Hey Hi Yo Sup”

Rebecca really loves that song.

This week our class started using lists.  The way we used them was the teachers wrote down things we had to do that day.  We do it independently but we also work with the teacher’s a lot.  It helps Eden learn better and more thoroughly.  He really likes it.

We were all quiet and we learned the new song.  It’s the lean on me song.  Gabriel likes that it says “lean on me”. We learned it at morning meeting.

Tom Petty died on  Monday so in memory of him we are singing a song called “Wildflowers”. It’s a great song! We sing it with Andrew because he loved Tom Petty.  Zooey feels bad that he died.

This Wednesday was Alley’s birthday. On last Thursday we started a birthday surprise for her.  For our surprise we started made index cards with reasons why we love her on them.  And a few cards.  And we worked on the project from Thursday to Tuesday. We managed to keep it a secret from Alley. On Wednesday Sami also made a flowerless chocolate cake for Alley’s birthday. The cake was delicious. And Alley brought in bread and stinky cheese. All and all Alley’s b-day was super fun.

The cat snuck in the classroom on Wednesday.  He went through the back door. He came inside to say “Hello”.

Gabriel and Caleb and Jade and Phinneas they did handwriting with shaving cream so did other people on Wednesday at the table.

The butterfly hatched!

On Thursday we had carpentry outside with A.J. We made birdhouses for birds with wood, hammers and nails. We painted them. We finished the birdhouses!

Eden and Nacho started a gun shop in the woods for two days at school until Alley’s b-day and before bread and cheese were eaten.  The gun shop is closed because it was negative and was not making a better community.  We talked about how the choices we make now effect how we grow up.  As Jay said, “childhood is important because it gives you experiences that make you grow up to be”.  The gun shop was not making a peaceful community so it is closed.

On Thursday we made bread and butter for grandparents day.  We want to share a snack with our grandparents.  Alley gave up the ingredients so we could make the bread.  We couldn’t wait to share the bread with our grandparents!

The harvest moon is coming!


The Red Fox Community School,

Addis, Phinneas, Emma, Nacho, Caleb, Jade, Colby, Jay, Zooey, Gabriel, Eden and Rebecca”

(This was taken from circle comments and journal entries)

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