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Week of October 30th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

It was a crazy week!! Guess what? On Thursday the only teacher was Sami. Yeah, only Sami and there was only 6 six kids.  Zooey knows she is one of those six kids. This is Zooey writing by the way.  Okey, dokey.  Let’s back get to the subject! Everybody was sick and she means everybody even Kristin and Alley. Emma, Caleb, Finn, Eden and Jade got sick this week. They were not here. They got a fever.  Everybody was sick because was a virus. So they all have a cough.  Also, on Friday we didn’t go on a field trip. We didn’t even have school! Everyone was sick.  (Hope everyone is better now!)

Jade, Caleb and Finn built a box fort on Monday at school.

This week was Halloween! At school we created our own song that was Halloweeny in music.  We also had a dance party and played “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

On Tuesday we had Halloween music and Rebecca brought it her violin. Rebecca brought it in because she can play a Halloween piece and then we put it to some beats and we had soooooo much fun and we also went tick or treating.  Rebecca was rainbow-dash and we also had a dance party and at trick or treating we went on a fire truck to get to a place that had soooo much candy. Then we went in a car to Dorset and went in a haunted house.  Zooey, my friend, was there and Bella, my other friend, was there.  We got lots of candy and we had sooo much fun.

Colby and Nacho worked in the closet at school.  They could go in the closet to do work.

Hope everyone is feeling better!


The Red Fox Community School

(Addis, Caleb, Colby, Eden, Emma, Gabriel, Jade, Jay, Noah, Phinneas, Rebecca, Zooey)

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