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Week of October 5th, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

“I enjoyed lunchtime.”-Hugo

“I played outside.”-Barnaby

“Sarah and Alley are really nice teachers.”-Cassia

“I liked using clay. It was so much fun! And it was fun because my friends were with me.”-Mack

“Art. This week we did art. We did a type of art that makes things out of birch bark. We made hand bags, little canoes and other things too. It was very interesting and fun. You would get wet bark and shape it into things. I thought it was going to be hard but it wasn’t at all. It’s easier than you think. The original plan was to do it outside but it was too windy so we did it in the hallway. I used a whittling knife and others used a pair of scissors but I didn’t make anything because I couldn’t get the right shape. The End.”-Joseph

“I played the robot game with my classmates and we chased each other around.”-Beckett

“I played the robot game with Leo.”-Talon

“The day before yesterday, we had our first music lesson. It was outside. It was with Maxine (Rebecca’s Mom). It was fun. We sang My Favorite Things. And that’s what we did.”-Evelyn

“This week we had music! Rebecca’s mom is the music teacher. We sang “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music. It was really fun. We learned to do ray me fa so la ti do.”Edie

“On Wednesday it rained sooooooooo much. Everyone got soaked. I was the only one who did not get wet. Only my hair got wet.”-Charlie

“I had fun playing dramatic at Work Time.”-Winter

“At Red Fox the Eagles made the Owls mask necklaces for us.”-Gabriel

“We made mask holders on Tuesday at school. It was fun. We used fishing line, beads and clips. We tied the fishing line to the clip and put the beads on and tied a clip on the end.”-Jordis

“Sarah taught us about butterflies and how to do a cartwheel.”-Isla

“I smashed rocks at Roxaboxen.”-Aila

“Roxaboxen. In Roxaboxen we have a white house. I’m the President, Edie is the vice-president, and Rebecca is the mayor. There are logs you can sit on. Roxaboxen is a place in the woods. It has some shops. We have guards, builders and more. There are some shops getting built and some that aren’t’. There is a stream at Roxaboxen. There is a lot of mud, frogs and leaves. There are a lot of tires at Roxaboxen.”-Abby

“I used cray pas in Maker Groups.”-Thomas

“We made fairy houses in Maker Groups. We had petals surrounding our fairy house and they were red.”-Violet

“This week we learned how to play a new game called Fermi, Pico, Nada. It is really fun! Here is how to play: you pick one person to pick a number, it is best if it has 2 or more digits, the person chose has to have something to write with and something to right on. The person chosen must draw as many squares as there are digits on what they are writing on. Write, Fermi, Pico, Nada on top. Fermi means correct number, correct spot. Pico means correct number, wrong spot. Nada means wrong number, wrong spot. Have the other people guess numbers. The chosen person rate them. For example if your number is 132 and the person guessed 256 you go NNP or PNN or NPN. It is really fun!”-Nina

“This week on Friday we’re going to Mad Tom Brook to celebrate Indigenous People’s Day. Our parents will pick us up at 12:30 pm.”-Max

“This Friday we are going to Mad Tom in East Dorset. Our parents are going to drop us off at Mad Tom. Mad Tom is a trail that leads to a river. We will be spending the day there from 8:30-12:30. We are going to Mad tom to celebrate indigenous people’s day!”-Leo

“Indigenous People’s day! On Monday, it will be indigenous people’s day. We are going to Mad Tom to celebrate. A few years ago it was called Columbus Day. They changed it to indigenous people’s day because Columbus was a cruel person and he does not deserve his own holiday. We are all reading a chapter of a book called A People’s History of the United States. We are reading a chapter about Columbus and the indigenous people, the Arawaks. Columbus boated all the way from Spain to what he thought was India but was actually America. He thought he was in India soooooo he called them Indians. Columbus was sent there by the king and queen of Spain to give them gold. Columbus and his men did not find any gold so he took the indigenous people on a boat back to Spain to sell them. The indigenous people were very welcoming to Columbus but Columbus wanted them for slaves. All in all, we are happy the United States does not have slavery anymore.”-Rebecca

Love, Red Fox Community School Hugo, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mach, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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