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Week of October 9th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

Last Friday we had grandparents and special friends day. We spent all week talking about family traditions, grandparents and what makes them important. On Friday grandparents came to school. We wrote stories with them, made a family tradition quilt and learned from them. Thank you to all the grandparents and visitors who came and shared their gifts with us. Our community grew stronger.

“We had no school on Monday. I liked it. I watched t.v. and played outside all day. Monday was a fun day.” -Cole

“This week we opened the woods. The leaning tree is the center of the woods. My base is off to the side. It is a bed. It is two branches, a stick and a fern. All and all the woods are fun.” – Cian

“At my grandma’s house I felt a loose tooth.”-Emma

“In morning meeting JJ showed us a video of Squeak.”-Matilda

“I met Pickles the cat in the  parking lot. She is sweet.”-JJ

“This week we did a science experiment project on pumpkins. Colby and I were partners and ours was what the width of the inside of the pumpkin was. My hypothesis was 7 1/2″ and Colby’s was the same. So we measured the inside and it was 4″. After we were done, Colby carved out a face in the pumpkin. Noah and Cian’s project was to drop the pumpkin from 12’9″ and see what would happen. So even though that was not our project, we dropped ours too. All and all it was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again.” – Kelley

“Probably only going to hold about two pounds…”

Ten minutes later, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! It holds nine!”

On Wednesday we did science experiments with pumpkins. We were assigned partners and thought of experiments to do with the pumpkins. Zooey and I were partners. We wanted to know how much weight the handle of our pumpkin could hold. We did this by tying weights to the stem of our pumpkin. My hypothesis was that the pumpkin could only hold two pounds…but it could hold nine! – Addis

“On Wednesday we, the Eagles, were doing pumpkin experiments. Cian and I were pumpkin partners. I really wanted to drop a pumpkin off something high, so we did. We measured the height of the fire escape (13 feet 9 inches) with a measuring tape and that explained it all. The last thing to do was drop it, so we did! I was expecting it to splat but no. No splat, just a crack!”- Noah

“I did math groups on Wednesday. I counted cubes.”-Ryder

“Catydid was small and green. It was my friend, it was a girl because it was the queen. I gave it to Rebecca outside and she brought it inside. I tickled her. I loved it.”-Mischa

“One Tuesday we had a soccer game. We played the Mountain School. They had decent defense and good sportsmanship. We played well, but we had a few mess-ups. Both teams played hard and had a good match. The final score was 7 to 2. Good game Mountain School!”-Eden

“Red Fox won the soccer game on Tuesday. They played at the Mountain School.”-Gabriel

“The school had maker groups in the morning.”-Caleb

“We have clubs. The V club is me and Noah, Kelley, Cian, and Zooey. The V stands for Viper. “- Colby

“Yesterday I found a wooly bully.”-Abby

“We just found out that there is a dead mouse. We found out because of the smell…ick! We even have to keep the windows open because it smells so bad…ok one more time, ICK! We thought of getting a cat but Kelley is allergic, ick! Oops, I said I wouldn’t say it again but it fits the occasion. All I can say is ick!”-Zooey

“Maeve came to school. Maeve is Alley’s dog. Maeve is fun to play with. I run with her. Maeve likes to lay down. When she lays down I cuddle with her. In conclusion she sooooo awesome.”-Rebecca

“We changed reading buddies today. My new buddy is Zooey.”-Hazel

“I painted on thursday.”- Charlie

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