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Week of September 14th, 2020

Dear Everyone,

Happy First Newsletter! Each week we (the students) write a newsletter about our week. Thank you in advance for reading!

“We opened up the library on the 1st day of school. We opened the library so we can read. I picked the book “Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie”.-Charlie

“My class!”-Isabella

“We opened up Roxaboxen.”-Talon

“I smashed rocks trying to find gold, diamonds, and emeralds.”-Beckett

“Last Friday, we opened up Roxaboxen!!! We made up the name a few years ago after a book Alley read to us called Roxaboxen. Roxaboxen is a place in the woods. It has a lot of old junk that we use to build things. But…there is a ground hornet’s nest. But there are cones where the hornets are. The whole school goes there after lunch. All in all it super fun to play games in.”-Rebecca

“Roxaboxen is in the forest. There are plants and sometimes we play this hide and seek game. There is a little stream in the forest, it is really muddy. In Roxaboxen, there is a lifeguard chair. We go there everyday.”-Abby

“We played soccer at school. It is really fun. And at school we have something called Roxaboxen. It is also fun.”-Gabriel

“I liked playing soccer. It was fun!”-Mack

“I liked playing soccer.”-Thomas

“This week we started a book called “The Land of Stories” and so far I like it. It’s about twins named Alex and Conner. Alex is very smart, but she doesn’t have any friends. Conner isn’t very smart, but he has lots of friends. Alex and Conner’s dad died and on their 12th birthday their Grandma gives them a magic book that their Grandma read to them when they were little.”-Edie

“I like to sing.”-Violet

“This week Evelyn, Abby, Wednesday got sick. Well as I already mentioned Evelyn, Abby, Wednesday got sick. Most likely they got sick because of the change of weather.”-Jordis

“This week three of my classmates Wednesday, Abby and Evelyn got sick.”-Nina

“Camouflage is a game where one person is counting while the rest are trying to camouflage. When the person is done counting he/she looks around but can’t leave his/hers spot. If he/she sees anyone they are out. We it this week.”-Evelyn


“I love caterpillars.”-Cassia

“On Friday September 18th, 2020 it will be Mountain Day! Mountain Day is the first trip of the year, a Red Fox tradition. We are going to the top of Owls’ Head, Gilbert’s Peak, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. A quarter of the way up we’re dropping the owls off and they have a choice if they want to come to the top or if they want to stay a quarter way.”-Leo

“Mountain Day! Mountain Day is a day where we hike up a big mountain. It is a 1260 hike for the Eagles but some of the Owls can stop at the Artist’s Point and they get a good look at a Quarry. And the Eagles all get to have an even better view of the world of Vermont. (Update almost all of the Owls came to the top!)”-Joseph

Love, Red Fox Community School Isabella, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mach, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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