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Week of September 18th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

We just returned from a camping trip to Merck Forest where we stayed at Ned’s cabin. We helped Rob and Cat with farm chores.  We moved sheep, collected eggs, fed pigs and led the horses out to pasture.  We hiked up to the cabin.  It was a long hike up.  We made a campfire and ate hot dogs and marshmallows.  Andrew brought his guitar and we sang songs by the fire.  At night we could see the stars while staring right at Mount Equinox and some of us even got to see shooting stars! We liked playing in the woods, eating marshmallows, staying up late by the fire and singing songs. It was sooooo much fun.

For a special project before we left for Merck Forest we got ready to camp.  We practiced building fires so we could cook.

On Thursday Jade and Jay’s dad (AJ) did carpentry at Red Fox Community School so that Jade can build a chair (and other people can do projects).  We used hammers and saws.

We made logos for Red Fox.  We each got to make our own. Sami is going to use them for marketing.

On Wednesday Bubbie came to visit. (Bubbie is Rebecca and Gabriel’s grandmother).  She told us about Rosh Hashana.  She brought us apples and honey.  Apples and honey are sweet and they make it a good holiday.  (THANKS BUBBIE!)

On Wednesday at  Red Fox Community School we walked the boundaries of the woods with rope so that we can be safe and learn where the boundaries are.  The forest was spiky.

We had our first music class with Andrew.  It was fun.  We sang songs.  Andrew wrote a welcome song.  It starts with “Hey, Hi, Yo, Sup”.  A lot of people liked the “sup” part the best.  Andrew sits on a cajon.  We got to make some beats with it.

Caterpillars made cocoons! (We have two monarch caterpillars in our classroom which we found last week on our trip to Smokey House).

On Tuesday afternoon Noah broke his wrist at the Rec Park (after school) and on  Wednesday Jade broke her foot at her home! Noah broke his wrist by falling off the slide and Jade broke her foot by dropping a chair on her foot! That is all!

This week we started doing plays.  The first play was made by Gabriel.  The second play was made by Jade.  Gabriel’s play was called “Superheroes”.  Jade’s play was called “Yoga Dudes”.  The cast for the superheroes was; Jay, Colby and Zooey.  The cast for “Yoga Dudes” was; Jay, Colby, Caleb and Emma.  Jay was a slow superhero from Superheroes.  Colby was a fast superhero from “Superheroes”.  Zooey was the villain from “Superheroes”.  Jay was a cat from “Yoga Dudes”.  Colby was a dog from “Yoga Dudes”.  Emma was a pig from “Yoga Dudes”.  Caleb was a van driver from “Yoga Dudes”.  The plays were super fun because we got to act it out.

We started share on Monday.  We started share at our school.  Emma was the first share of the year.  She brought in swim team medals.  She brought in the medals because she did swim team over the summer and we are sharing summer memories.

That is all!


The Red Fox Community School

Emma, Jay, Zooey, Phinneas, Gabriel, Caleb, Jade, Colby, Rebecca, Eden, Addis and Noah”

(This was taken from journal entries and closing circle comments)

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