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Week of September 21st, 2020

Dear Everyone,

“Last Friday, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died 🙁 It was really sad. In school we read a book called, “I Dissent”. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a good judge who fought for equal rights. She also the first Jewish woman judge. Her husband did all the household chores and cooking. All in all, we miss her very much.”-Rebecca

“I liked the hike we went on.”-Thomas

“We did work time outside.”-Talon

“We played Jenga during activity time.”-Beckett

“This week my class opened up these things called camping chairs and they are tiny fold in half chairs and they have straps to hold them up. We opened them up because it was time to and they are really fun.”-Nina

“I like read aloud.”-Violet

“Today I will talk about the woods. So we took a 20 minute walk to Memorial woods. We spent time writing and had snack. We also played camouflage.. It’s a game of hide from the predator but the predator can’t move from their spot and each round you need to move even closer. And, I wrote about my dog, Patch. Also Leo and I sang Little Einsteins while scooting across a tree.”-Joseph

“Woods. This week, we went to the Memorial Forest. We played camouflage there. We went there for Writer’s Workshop. In Writer’s Workshop I wrote about Halloween. there is a stream at the forest. We walked down the road. It took us 20 minutes. It was fun because we played games.”-Abby

“The chrysalis hatched.”-Isla

“We saw the chrysalis hatch.”-Cassia

“This week there was a violin concert outside. They played lots of different music. Rebecca did a jig. They were really good.”-Edie

“I saw a baby bird in a tree.”-Aila

“Corn Husk Dolls. We made corn husk dolls in art class. We made them for fun. It was great project. It was was so nice that we go to make them. We laid down wet husk and put some string down and rolled it up. We used twine to tie a knot at the top. Then we gently folded the husk over the top and knotted at the top to make a head.”-Jordis

“This week in art we made corn husk dolls. We started by soaking 6 corn husks then placing them on top of each other. Then we took a long piece of yarn and placed it on the corn husk. Then we folded it over the yarn and then tied a piece of the string around it and then folded the corn over and BAM you have hair. Then you get 2 more soaked corn husks and roll them up tight and stick it through the middle of the corn husk body. Then you tie a piece of string right below the arms, split the rest of the corn husk in two and then tie a knot close to the feet. BAM you have a corn husk doll!”-Leo

“Today was my first time climbing a tree! Kind of 🙁 but it was still worth it.”-Gabriel

“I loved to climb the trees. It was so fun!”-Mack

“I climbed a tree.”-Winter

“On Friday we will open up whittling at our field trip so we can whittle. Alley is going to teach us how to use a knife.”-Charlie (update we did open up whittling!)

“Me! I’m a cat!”-Isabella

Love, Red Fox Community School Isabella, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mach, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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