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Week of September 23rd, 2019

“Dear Everyone,

“This week we went camping at Merck forest. We hiked and we had a scavenger hunt. We found a snail fossil spiral. We had fun.”-Caleb

“We do it at morning meeting, we play frog detective. It is fun. That’s it.”-Talon

“I like to play with Mowgli in music.”-Beckett

“This week we have been talking about climate justice. On Friday I went to the Climate Strike. My family came later with the bread bus (an old school bus with a volkswagon bus on top and an oven in it.) We made pizza and gave it away. On Tuesday we watched Greta Thunberg speak to the U.N. It was inspiring but also a reminder that we need to do something.”-Eden

“We are learning about people who are trying to create climate change. One of the people we’re learning about is Autumn Pelteir. She just got chief water advisor for her tribe! She also spoke at the UN for the water protection summit! She will be meeting Greta Thunberg next week for the Climate Change Summit! I think she’s pretty cool!”-Zooey

“This week we picked hibernation animals to study for this fall. We will study our animals and write books about them. Since we are getting them published (!!!!!!) the Northshire Book Store has offered to help teach us how to get books published and edited. I am studying otters and snakes. I can’t wait!”-Addis

“The work bench is fun. The owls build bird houses.”-Gabriel

“This week we had cooking class and we made kale chips and apple crisp. It was okay. The kale chips were not salty enough and they were crunchy.”-Colby

“We are making puppets in art. First you put paper mache on. After you paint it. I’m making a devil. He has fire powers.”-Nicolas

“We had maker groups.”-Ryder

“Today at 11:00 the school had a fire drill. It was not loud. We walked out to the pizza oven. Dana rang the bell. Then we went back inside. It was fun because we got to stop working.”-Charlie

“We played world cup today. World cup is soccer with countries. I was Texas. I kicked the ball and screamed “Remember the Alamo!!” It was very fun because I love soccer.”-JJ

“We play soccer. We had tros the teams were me, Colby, Ryder, Addis, Nicolas, JJ, Zooey, Caleb and Gabriel. It was fun. LTS also plays soccer with us. Soccer with LTS.”-Cole

“Today is my birthday. At school we make a birthday book when it is your birthday.”-Emma

“Sami and Elliott are coming back to school today at lunch.”-Matilda

“At the beginning of the year Charlie was an Eagle but now she is an Owl.”-Hazel

“On Friday we are going to the Rail Trail. I wonder what birds we will see. There are two ways to go, North or South. The Owls are going South and the Eagles are going North. It will be fun. I hope we see a snowy owl. I think we will have a good time.”-Rebecca

See you on the Rail Trail! Love, Red Fox Community School Talon, Henri, Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Matilda, Beckett, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Addis, Rebecca, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Nicolas and Cole

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