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Week of September 24th, 2018

“Dear Everyone

We just returned from our fall camping trip at Merck Forest. We had so much fun hiking, cooking over the fire, exploring and singing. Camping trips make our community stronger. Thank you to everyone who came and helped!

“The school played wonderball.”-Charlie

“This week Sarah got a new car. The car is a Toyota RAV4. Sarah loves her new car!!”- Cian

“I, Noah, have been obsessed with Pokemon for the first weeks of school. Fun fact – I used to not know how to spell Pokemon until I changed my password to Pokemon. Now I know how to spell Pokemon! Don’t worry, it’s not my password anymore. I have been collecting the cards since I was four, when I found a card on the school bus (now I’m 10). I lost interest when I collected all the cards…or most of them. I was about 7 then, I think.”

– Noah

“The owls counted seeds and made pumpkin bread and everyone in the school ate it. Then we ate some seeds.”-Gabriel

“The owls opened the woods. I built a fort but it’s not all done. I really want to build it with Caleb. It’s not going to be done today. And tomorrow it’s not going to be done. It will take more days.”-Ryder

“On Wednesday it was Emma’s birthday. We had cupcakes.”-Emma (Thank you Nori for coming in to tell a hilarious story and for the surprise cupcakes.”

“This week on Wednesday, we had Maker Groups. One reason it was fun is because I built a block structure. It was so big, so everyone else said, “Wooo”. Another reason it was fun is because I got to jump to see if it was stable so it was safe. Next time, I want a new one again.”

– Colby

“This week we had Art with Megan. We made scarecrows with hay, wood, and old clothes. Abby and I made a farmer girl scarecrow with a flannel button up shirt and green jeans. I did the sewing, Abby did the face, and we both did the assembling and stuffing it with hay.”

– Kelley

“Irina the scarecrow. She was made at the scarecrow place.”-Mischa

“This week we had P.E.! First we ran laps, then we did some cool stretches. After we finished that, we had a discussion about the rules of kickball. Once we got the rules clear, we started playing, but the teams were unfair. We switched up some players and had a really fun game (we got creamed anyway). The people who didn’t know how to play learned and the others got to play it again. “- Eden

“Sarah and Alley teached P.E. We played kickball.”-Abby

“Charlie got sick. She came back to school.”-Hazel (We are so glad she’s back!)

“I am losing a tooth! It is my third tooth. I will get an envelope when it comes out.”-JJ (Update right after writing this the tooth came out. JJ got an envelope)

“What will we build next? A skyscraper? 

Yesterday Cian and Kelley’s grandpa told us about our first carpentry class. He demonstrated how to smooth and carve into a piece of wood. We’re going to carve our names into pieces of wood and bring them home. I’m looking forward to it.”

– Addis

“Grandpop is teaching carpentry.”- Caleb (Thank you Mike for a wonderful class!)

“Elliott got a new jacket. It looks like a cute blue bear! He looks like a teddy bear. I think he got it at Carter’s at the super sellout! Whoo whoo cute!!”-Zooey

“On Friday RFCS is going to the Battenkill River. I will not be there. I will be at NYC because it is my Dad’s birthday. Yay! We will be there because we will be learning about rivers this year. The river goes all the way to NYC. I bet it will be fun. I love rivers. We will walk in it.”-Rebecca


Red Fox Community School

Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, JJ, Charlie, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Cole, Noah, Kelley and Cian

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