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Week of September 25th, 2017

“Dear Everyone,

On Friday we went to Earth Sky Time Farm.  We harvested tomatoes, made bread, mulched apple trees and worked hard.  After all of our hard work we had a dance party with Oliver in the barn.  It was a lot of fun.  We are learning so much about natural cycles, food production and stewardship.  Thank you Bonnie and Oliver for hosting us.

Phinneas got a miniature blister.

On Monday we made thank-you cards for people who have helped us so that we can show gratitude to those people.  We used paper and pencils and crayons and markers and sharpies.

One day when Heather wasn’t here Gabriel painted two days in a row.  He also wrote this story, “Some underwater sea creatures eat humans like sharks.  They just nibble them. And some don’t eat you like an octopus but they can attack you.  And some eat you and not nibble and not attack. And they eat you. The end!”

On Tuesday at 1:00 we had music at the school.  We have music because we want to learn music.  We have music at the school. We love music.

On Wednesday we wrote poems at school about our camping trip.  It was super fun because we got to draw and write.

The big kids made homework bags for their homework.

This week we made a gratitude tree for mindfulness.  Each of us made a leaf for our grateful tree.  We used water, food coloring, coffee filters and scissors for our grateful tree.  We cut our grateful tree trunk out of cardboard.  Our grateful tree makes us aware of being grateful for all that we have.  It was fun making the grateful tree. Thank you Kristin.

Jay wrote a play called “The Party”.  It is about 11 dogs who love to party.  It is about 11 dogs and an alien that love to party.  We played the play and it was great.

Jade broke her foot and she went to the doctor because she needed a cast.

We made bird houses.  We built them on Thursday after newsletter  Jay and Jade’s dad (AJ) helped us build the bird houses.

Alley went to a wedding on Thursday.  It was her cousin’s wedding.  His name is Michael.  The wedding was in Minneapolis.  Alley rode a plane to Minneapolis.

That’s it!


The Red Fox Community School

Jay, Noah, Colby, Eden, Emma, Zooey, Addis, Rebecca, Jade, Caleb, Phinneas and Gabriel”

(This was taken from journal entries)

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