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Week of September 28th, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

“The caterpillar grew bigger!”-Winter

“On Monday we did pottery in art class because it’s fun and Abenaki do pottery. You make pottery by smoothing out the air bubbles and then shaping the clay out.”-Charlie

“I liked making a clay teacup in Art.”-Barnaby

“This week in art we made pots using the coil method. The way we do the coil method is by taking a piece of clay and rolling it up into a long strip of clay. Keep on stacking the clay strips and smoothing them together. And soon you will have clay pot.”-Leo

“This week we started playing this game called Mafia. But, we changed the name to TROLLS! In the game there is a storyteller, the storyteller picks who is who. There is a doctor, a detective, towns people and there are two trolls. In the beginning of the game everyone closes their eyes except for the storyteller. While everyone closes their eyes, the storyteller goes around the circle and taps people. If you get 1 tap you’re a troll, if you get 2 taps you’re the doctor, if you get 3 taps you’re the detective and if you don’t feel any taps, you’re a towns person. There are only 2 trolls and 1 detective and 1 doctor. In the game the trolls and towns people are at war. Once the storyteller has chosen who is who, the storyteller tells the trolls to wake up. The trolls wake up and decide who they want to kill, they point to the person silently and then they go back to sleep. Then, the storyteller wakes the doctor up and the doctor decides who they want to save (but they don’t know who the Trolls are, or who they want to kill). Then, the doctor goes back to sleep. Then the storyteller wakes up the detective and they can point to someone and the storyteller will nod or shake their head if that person is a troll. Then, everybody wakes up and tries to figure out who the the trolls are so they can banish them from their town. If they banish the trolls then they would win but if the trolls get everyone then they would win. It’s complicated but fun.”-Edie

“Trolls!! At Morning Meeting all of us (the Eagles) play this game. It is called trolls. In order to play this game you will need at least 10 or more players. First, you need to pick one person from the group to be the storyteller he/she is in charge of picking who is who. Then, the storyteller tells everybody to close their eyes and the story tellers taps 4 people. 1 tap is the troll, the troll is the bad guy he/she kills people. 2 taps is the doctor, if they think that someone is the troll they will say “I will save them” but they don’t know if they got it right. No one knows who everybody is. Also, no one talks until everyone wakes up. I liked playing the game.”-Wednesday

“The Land of Stories is a book inside of a book and we are reading it in class. I do not want to spoil it, so you should read it.”-Nina

“I liked playing in the rain.”-Isla

“I liked playing in the rain.”-Aila

“Old growth forests are forests with a variety of trees, old, young and middle aged. We have not gone to an old growth forest but we’re going to one on Friday. We are going by driving there. We are doing this because we’re learning about Abenaki people and they used to live in old growth forests.”-Evelyn

“We listened to a podcast on old growth forests so we would know a little about them. On Friday we are going to one called Giffords State Park. It is in Killington and close to Pico. Not all the trees are old. In fact some are young.”-Jordis

“I whittled a stick and it looked like a cheetah.”-Cassia

“Fred. Fred is an inch worm that I found in the woods. It was green and tiny. I wrote with it while it was in my hands. I played with it, and walked with it. I did drop it a few times but I always found it. I gave it a leaf to go on. I brought it toward the water, but I accidentally dropped Fred and I couldn’t find it:( We made a grave for Fred. We had a funeral for Fred with rocks, leaves, sticks and rocks that said Fred on it. The funeral was by the stream in the woods. Almost everyone in my class came to Fred’s funeral. It was in the morning when I found Fred and lost him 🙁 Fred was on the ground when I first found him. Fred is an inch worm. How I found Fred was I writing about a dog we saw in the woods and I found a tiny green inch worm. I found him by a tree I was sitting at. I enjoyed playing with Fred.”-Abby

“On Tuesday we walked to a forest. Abby found an inch worm and named it Fred. She carried it everywhere. We were crossing the river and Abby dropped him. Not on purpose of course. We made him a grave…it was bigger than his body. Abby and Evelyn worked on the decorations surrounding the grave while me and Edie invited people to come to the funeral. 8 people came! It was sad and a little bit funny. All in all, he had a great short life. I think…”-Rebecca

“I liked the Roxaboxen General Store. It was so much fun.”-Mack

“We sold sticks and stones at the General Store.”-Beckett

“Roxaboxen. Roxaboxen is a like a whole play zone, I could say, but I’m over here vibing in the Roxaboxen general store! By the way, the Roxaboxen general store is a small shop we trade stuff in. I mean we trade rocks, sticks, leaves and quartz (takes a sip of water) and there are three jobs the miner, cashier and the frog catcher. The miner collects things. The cashier just talks to kids and takes their payment and throws it in a bucket of course. I need to talk about the stage man. You know what he does? He screams at the top of his lungs! And the frog catcher will get frogs for our special offer. I do frog job and the cashier. P.S Where a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaask.”-Joseph

“I bought a frog from Roxaboxen General Store.”-Violet

“I liked the General Store.”-Thomas

“At Roxaboxen there is a store called the Roxaboxen General Store.”-Gabriel

“On August 28th Mama, Baba, Alec and I went to the 2nd chance animal shelter to pick up three kittens. We went inside while it was raining Mama, Alec and I saw three dark gray kittens that suddenly started looking at us while we were looking at them. We thought they were the ones we were going to foster. We asked and the foster people said “no” then bought a kitty box with three kittens in it. The kittens were all ginger and meowing one was short haired two were fluffy one fluffy one had white paws.We took them and all the provided stuff and we went out while it was raining and I heard the cats meowing in their cat carrier. We put them in the car and then got in ourselves and we went home and bought the cats into the basement where we set up their stuff set up all their things and let them out. The second we let them out they bolted away and hid behind a firewood stove. But one was brave enough to stalk out at us if we didn’t move for some time. After three days or so they got a little used to us but still ran away.They’ve all got favorite spots in the basement for sleeping. We had toys for them to play with and trained them in jumping 2 feet high .Sometimes I’d take a big green and white blanket and bring all the kittens under it with me. We bought them some new toys to play with since they wouldn’t really use the ones provided.”-Max

Love, Isabella, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mach, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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