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Week of March 26th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

It was a cozy, a puppet making, a tea drinking, a garden math and a baby goat week.  Thank you so much Sarah for all your help with our puppets this week. You are truly a puppet master!

“One rainy day we went to Alley’s house. It was sooooo much fun. She has a baby goat OMG! One baby goat died that is sad but the other is Irene and she is soooo cute. We got to learn about farms and baby goats and mucking. We mucked her barn and held Irene. We mucked her barn because this is the time of year when mucking happens.”-Rebecca

We also got to spend time inside Alley’s house where we ate biscuits and made tea. We all worked very hard on our animal research there too.

“This week was fun! We made puppets for the art show. We used art supplies.”-Jade

“My birthday just passed. I got a new DSIR (type of camera) and the first thing I got to do with it was film the one and only DMH project. This week we finished filming DMH (Dear Mr.Henshaw.)  I, the cameraman enjoyed getting to know the cast, director and supervisor. It has been so much fun. I’m very thankful for to have had this experience. Bonus **….Cast….Zooey W.-Bandit. Emma D-Mom. Addis P.-Leigh. Noah C-Dad. Director- Addis P. Supervisor- Kristin B. Cameraman-Jay B (me.)  Joke: Why did the cows cross the road? Answer- To go to the MOO-vies (to see Dear Mr.Henshaw.)”-Jay

“One day there were no clouds in the sky. It was a warm day. We didn’t even have to wear snow pants outside. It was Monday. I liked Monday because I love being outside. I loved Monday because we played kick ball. I like kick ball because I like running the bases.”-Emma

“POW! Phew there goes the game…It was outside time and almost everyone was playing kickball. On Monday we skipped yoga, Espanol and mindfulness to play. On Tuesday, the same thing happened except we didn’t skip music. The same on Wednesday. We used tires for bases. It was a great week!”-Addis

“I was sick. Emma was sick and Addis. I had an ear infection and a stuffy nose. I was first at home sick and then I was at the doctor the day after. I still have a stuffy nose. The doctor gave me the kind of medicine I need to drink.”-Gabriel

“Rebecca, Colby, Caleb, Jade and Emma made a fort, broke the fort, then moved it next door at outside time on Wednesday to play in it. We each got pieces of metal and dragged it around.”-Phinneas

“On a nice day Finn made a kitchen outdoors on Wednesday at school. We wanted to cook. We put the food on the propane top We a built a home too.”-Colby

“Caleb, Jade, Finn and Rebecca found an outdoor shower on Wednesday on the side of the building. It was water drips from the building. It actually had running water and it was heated from the heater pipes. We had to dunk down so that the hot pipe would blow hot air into the water and then it was hot.”-Caleb

“It exciting day for Noah he was leaving in almost 12 hours to drive for 17 hours to South Carolina. He is going to see his cousins. It will be soooo fun except the driving part. His cousins have two dogs, a bunny and chickens. He has not seen their new house. He loves South Carolina. When he gets back it will be RFCS spring break. He is so excited!”-Noah (Have a great trip Noah! We will miss you.)

“Next Friday morning we are going to do a poetry recital. Zooey is doing “My Mother Gave Me Candy” by Jack Prelutsky. Rebecca is doing “Novemeber” by Penny Pollock.  Addis is doing two poems, one is “Asleep” by Shel Silverstein and the second one is “The Nauseous Nocturne” by Bill Waterson. That’s a teaser for you! Well, that’s what we’re doing on Friday.”-Zooey


Red Fox Community School

Zooey, Noah, Caleb, Colby, Eden, Phinneas, Gabriel, Addis, Emma, Jay, Rebecca and Jade

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