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Week of October 12th, 2020

“Dear Everyone,

“I went acorn picking.”-Hugo

“Last Friday on our field trip at one point we collected acorns. On Tuesday we smashed some of the acorns in half then, we dehydrated them. Then on Wednesday we smashed them more then we dehydrated them. On Thursday we peeled off the skin of the acorns, then we put the inside in a bowl. That’s what we’ve done so far. We are making acorn flour and with that acorn flour we are making pancakes with the acorn flour!”-Leo

“This week we gathered acorns. Then we crushed them and dried them so we could make acorn flour, so we can make acorn flour pancakes! But, it will be a long but fun process. We are making acorn pancakes because indigenous people make them.”-Edie

“I cracked acorns with my friend Barnaby and put it under the rose bush for Nutty.”-Talon

“This morning at school we were crushing acorns, we saw a cute chipmunk come out of a hole. We named him Nutty. Nutty is really cute, so we fed him acorns. He would come in and out and in and out. He was probably wondering why we were crushing his food.”-Evelyn

“I saw a chipmunk and I named it Nutty! He was so cute!”-Mack

“We found a chipmunk. Me and Mack and Gabriel fed it acorns.”-Beckett

“Once when I was coming to school Mack started running from the front door, I asked him what was going on, he said there was a chipmunk in a hole in the wall. We put acorns in the hole and an hour later half of them were gone. Nutty is small but fast.”-Max

“Mack, Beckett and I found a chipmunk named Nutty because he eats a lot of of nuts!”-Gabriel

“On Tuesday there was a skunk!!! It was small but it had a bushy tail. Dana came to look at it. He put a long piece of wood in the basement window where the skunk was. After our music class the skunk was in a bag in a bucket. We thought it was dead. Then, the skunk moved in the bag. Later today the Owls got to say goodbye. The skunk smelled very bad.”-Rebecca

“We played with Lumi.”-Cassia

“We played with Lumi.”-Isla

“Lumi. This week Talon brought Lumi, the class pet. She is a rabbit. She is a dwarf bunny. That means she is a small type of rabbit so she doesn’t get four feet nothing but she’s two feet long. Lumi is three years old. Lumi is very gentle besides the fact that she could bite. But, I don’t care that much. Lumi is very cute and talented. She’s fast, jumpy, flexible and much more.”-Joseph

“We petted Lumi.”-Violet


“I petted Lumi.”-Winter

“On Wednesday the Eagles had work time. It was fun because it’s rare for the Eagles to have work time. Me and Evelyn played checkers and Lumi was out.”-Charlie

“This week we did something called work time. It is when we choose what to do. Some choices are; the class rabbit, Lumi, fiber arts and games. We do it for fun and we do it in our classroom otherwise Lumi would get out.”-Nina

“I read Piggy and Elephant during reading buddies.”-Thomas

“I used a hammer at workbench.”-Barnaby

Love, Red Fox Community School Hugo, Aila, Thomas, Winter, Isla, Barnaby, Cassia, Talon, Violet, Mach, Gabriel, Beckett, Evelyn, Max, Jordis, Nina, Wednesday, Leo, Joseph, Charlie, Abby, Rebecca and Edie

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