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Week of October 29th, 2018

“Dear Everyone,

We are going to the Manchester Rec Park tomorrow to explore the Battenkill River there. The owls have spent time this week studying animals and winter and will get to become an animal there. Welcome winter!

“On Tuesday we read “Twisted Sisters”! There are three characters. The oldes was TALLULAH-ROSE, the second, AGneS-BeuLAH. The third, and loveliest of all was JeZeBel-PECULIAH. Now, though the girls were beautiful they hardly looked the same. Some said the only thing they shared was GHOULYAH their last name. That was just a little about the original red hat girls. This is what they looked like, “Tallulah-Rose had raven hair and green skin, like a lizard which she maintained with nightly masks of pureed chicken gizzards.” “Agnes-Belulah was quite tall and statuesquely thin. And she ALWAYS kept the whiskers braided on her pretty little chin.” “and Jezebel-Peculiah…ahhh mere words cannot describe her. Her looks made men fall to their knees and shook their very fiber. She was such a roly-poly thing as  round as a balloon-and her lovely iridescent face was wrinkled like a prune. Her hair hung like a nest of snakes. The color like no other a drop-dead shade of pumpkin-red they say came from her mother. (H-m-m-m-m…) But if I had to choose one thing, her most attractive feature. I’d say it was her eye-brow that looked like some funny creature. It crawled across her forehead from the far left to the right and it wiggled when she flirted- a most captivating sight!” I like this book because it is funny.”-Zooey

“We read a book about winter yesterday because we are learning about winter. It is near winter.”-Ryder

“This week we played a game called Evolution. We played it every day at morning meeting for the whole week. This is how you play Evolution: first, everyone crouches down as “eggs.” Then you walk around (still in egg pose) and find another “egg” to play rock, paper, scissors with. If you win, you become a “chicken” and find another chicken to play rock, paper, scissors with. If you win again you become a “super cool person” to play rock, paper, scissors with. If you win again you become an “enlightened buddha” and for you the game is over. Note: de evolution! If you are a “super cool person” and you lose rock, paper, scissors you go back to being a “chicken”. And if you lose as a chicken you go back to being an “egg”.”-Addis

“We played too many monkeys. Alley taught us how. We taught other people how to play.”-Hazel

“We played Sleeping Queens. It is a math game. It was fun because you can stop other people from winning. You can stop them from winning a queen by putting a knight car down. Dragons can stop knights though. In conclusion I will play it more because it is fun.”-Rebecca

“The owls were making winter animals on Wednesday at school because we are studying them. We drew the animals.”-Gabriel

“The owls did Abby’s birthday on Tuesday here at school because it is fun. We ate cupcakes.”-Charlie

“This week we played dribble soccer. It’s like the game we play except instead of running up tot he ball we dribble up. There are two teams, the offense and the defense. The offense tries to get past the defense and defense tries to clear the ball. Me and Noah have a team called “The cleaners”, and we are the god squad! Noah clears the ball into the woods and I make dope saves. No one gets by us!”-Eden

“This week we played dribble soccer. I don’t know how to explain it but I guess you try to score on a defender and goalie and you have a partner. Eden was in goal and I was out. We are indestructible! Some time people think that you can take the ball when I kick it but you can’t. So I’d clear it maybe too far so that’s why we’re called the “clearies”.-Noah

“Sami and Elliott were fun at the school when Alley left for a doctor’s appointment. They were a special treat.”-Mischa

“Alley and Maeve got dressed up at Halloween at school because it was Halloween. She wore fairy costume.”-Matilda

“On Wednesday we had a Halloween party. We had a costume party and we listened to music. Maxine told us about Halloween in Ireland.”-Colby (Thanks Maxine for the great history lesson)

“We had a party on Halloween in the community room because of Halloween. We danced.”-Emma

“This week in P.E we plated spud. Spud is a game. The rules are each person gets a number. The person in the middle throws it up and call a number. The person with that catches the ball and says spud. Then everybody freezes. The person in the middle tries to throw the ball at someone. All in all it was fun. It was fun because I had to run.”-Cian

“The owls switched jobs today at school because it was time. We picked cards.”-Caleb

“Rebecca read to Abby today upstairs because it is important to hear reading. We had reading time.”-Abby

“This week we had art with Meghann. we continued working on our paper designs, skulls, mini clay skulls, flower bundles and picture frames. The day that we had art was the day of the dead in Mexico, so we are pretty much finishing up the ofrenda. I’m really excited about it and I hope it turns out good!”-Kelley

“We made a ofrenda on the day of the dead at school to remember our ancestors. We made pictures.”-JJ


Red Fox Community School

Ryder, Hazel, Gabriel, Mischa, Matilda, Abby, Emma, Caleb, Charlie, JJ, Rebecca, Addis, Zooey, Eden, Colby, Noah, Cian, Kelley and Cole

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